Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An Echo Of Morphic Resonance Through Retirement Walls ?

Hello Understanding Internet People!

This is about Albert and Rupert because of suspenders.

Suspenders is a great invention to keep the trousers up. The first "modern" types of suspenders is credited to the probably brilliant mind of Mr. Albert Thurston, he introduced them approximately in the year 1822, but they have in some way or the other existed almost in 300 years.

Big Gunnar wanted to be in the picture because it is his supenders. "You can see they are adjusted for a person with good posture. Almost the same good posture as famous movie big screen actor John Wayne." Big Gunnar said to me when we took the picture.

Good posture famous movie big screen actor John Wayne with suspenders.
There is no arguing with Big Gunnar regarding John Wayne having great posture. If he is wearing Albert Thurstons brand of suspenders I do not know, but they are clearly of the modern type.

"You know, old man, it is strange, we are experiencing an almost morphic resonance here at the retirement home regarding the use and wear of suspenders." Big Gunnar said to me, and continued: "I mean we almost simultaneously discover their use and greatness without talking with each other or actually paying attention to each individually style here, but suddenly almost everybody wears it." Big Gunnar is talking about Rupert Sheldrakes theory of memory in nature. The idea of an almost telepathy like interconnection between organisms and of collective memories within species.

Mr. Rupert Sheldrake.
He is probably thinking about his theories.

Mr. Rupert Sheldrake was once stabbed with a knife in the leg by a Japanese Mr. Kazuki Hirano, during a lecture he gave in New Mexico because Mr. Kazuki claimed Mr. Rupert was using mind control techniques on him. I am thinking there is something wrong with the theory of Mr. Kazuki. If Mr. Rupert were using mind control techniques on him, the last thing he would have made Mr. Kazuki do would probably have been making him stab his own leg? Mr. Ruperts theory on morphic resonance is nevertheless very interesting.

Mr. Kazuki Hirano.
I guess the picture was taken after the stabbing of Ruperts leg. I hope both gentlemen are doing well now and that they can continue the rest of their lives without any more drama or stabbing.

"Do you think me winning the bluetooth competition and then having to eat more pie as the winner has made me fat?"
"No of course not Big Gunnar, you are as athletic as you always have been."
( Sorry, I was interrupted by Big Gunnar, as a gentleman he is sometimes concerned with how he looks.)

Anyway, most of us are now discovering the use of suspenders here at the home, or maybe re-discovering them. It might also just be that we have seen Big Gunnar using them and that we then are influenced by the fashion guru here.

What can I say?
Keep an open self controlled mind to theories and have an enjoyable week everybody!


  1. Hello. Great blog! I wonder, what profession did you use to have?
    And I know you have a lot of stories to tell, you keep saying "it's another story" so i know. And I have a great-grandmother, 10 years older than you, and she has lived in an interesting period of time, (and so have you,) but she's too old to tell anything of it, so I hope you'll consider writing about that, the past, the war and other interesting things which have crossed your ways. Anyway take care and live long! Greetings from another norwegian, with not so many skills in english writing as you.

  2. Hello!

    Your English is excellent and thank you for the kind words. I hope not to bore you, but will have a chat with Big Gunnar, he remembers all about everything and nothing from the old days when they were not so old yet.

    Best regards
    to you!

  3. Dear Gilbert,
    I don´t know what you remember. But I remember I had to take a small steam boat for a joy ride on a river. I had three choices: to cross the river, to go down the river or to go up the river. To build up the pressure in the boiler only to cross, I guess was stupid. I probably went down river, or up. I don´tknow when, but I definitely know that I went steaming on the river.
    Best regards
    Captein Propeller

  4. Sorry Gilbert,
    I forgot. The article was about suspenders. While my belly grew with age, I had my belt under it. At one point I was forced to choose between wearing the belt above my belly, or buy suspenders. I have carried suspenders ever since. A great thing as long as you has shoulders to hang them on to. Not like my friend, whose narrow shoulders cannot carry a backpack. He has to settle with a fanny pack instead.

  5. Glemte å underskrive med Captain Propeller

  6. Hello Captain Propeller!

    What a good name you have, Ericssons invention from 1836, even if I would guess it existed in some shapes maybe earlier? If you remember the speed you went on the river it might tell you the direction you went? You nevertheless seemed to have arrived, so i guess it went ok?

    Best regards