Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Blue , But Happy Connection.

Hello Everybody, at least all the internet people!

Today we had pie for lunch and this of course resulted in a small lecture on the subject, or rather all other subjects from Big Gunnar. You see we had blueberry pie, or you cannot see this, but I will tell you about it here.

A blueberry pie.
I will talk about berries another time, but there are actually only one of all the types of blueberries is a berry by botanical definition. This is of course a very interesting fact and also great story.

Anyway, all our teeth of course got blue after eating pie, both the normal ones we have grown ourselves and the ones we have had installed later, Big Gunnar calls them bling-teeth but that is also another story, maybe not great but it is an ok story. To demonstrate and compare who had the bluest teeth Big Gunnar removed one of his later installed teeth and put it in his piece of pie. I of course know that it came loose while he ate, but he says it was all planed to win the compatition "the bluest teeth", or rather as Big Gunnar called it: The bluest tooth. "I obviously win !" He exlaimed and pointed at the blue tooth in the piece of pie.

A tooth.
This is of course a drawing, but I chose it because it looked so decent and happy, same as Big Gunnar when he won and also it is kind of a light colour blue.

"You all see my bluetooth ?" Big Gunnar asked us and of course everybody confirmed seeing it, exept maybe  Rolf Rolls, he can almost not see anything, but he trusts Big Gunnar and therefor took his word for just how blue the tooth was and that he was the obvious winner. "We are all now connected thru the bluetooth around the table in our conversations and almost in a royal presence !" He continued. " I could see this was starting to be a bit hard for the other pie eaters around the table to comprehend, so I asked the obvious question: Are you calling your tooth your Majesty now Big Gunnar ? " "Of course not." He answered, I have just named after the modern device connecting people and therefor also after the famous Danish king Harald Blåtann and allow me to explain. It of course starts with Harald Blåtann."

Harald Blåtann.
(It was kind of hard finding a picture of him, he lived somewhere in the year 958-987.)  King Harald Blåtann tried to connect all of Denmark with some success and Norway with a little less success in the period he reigned. (If he had a blue tooth or enjoyed pie I could not find out, so I guess he just had a name or maybe a medical dental condition.) "The point is that he tried to connect and gather the country or countries, he used the church name to try this, not his tooth as I do now around this table." Big Gunnar said. "If he would have had more luck doing it in the name of the tooth I really do not know."

This was the initials of  famous king Harald Blåtann.

Big Gunnar drew them on his napkin, and then he continued to draw the symbol for modern device bluetooth.

Logo for modern device bluetooth.

"Very interesting." Rolf Rolls said. "But what does this have to do with pie?"

Anyway. it was interesting for us and it was our lunch, so we are lucky.
Hope you all have interesting lunches during the week and all the best to you all!"


  1. Hehe! ;D
    Liker innlegga dine, ha en fin dag videre!

  2. Digger bloggen din. Og nå fikk jeg lære noe ny historie i dag! Aldri hørt om Harald Blåtann jeg. Jeg spiste forøvring kjeks til lunsj. Det var kjedelig. Skulle gjerne hatt blåbærpai.

  3. Jeg er en ny fast leser av bloggen din og synes du skriver utrolig godt. Ha en flott dag! Jeg hadde pannekaker til lunch sammen med min lille sønn på 20 mnd.

  4. Hei Victoria,

    Det var veldig snilt sagt,
    he en fin uke!

    Vennlig hilsen

  5. Antioksidanter, kanskje du kan ha blåbærsyltetøy på kjeksene neste gang? Det er uansett litt fint å bli misunt lunsjen og da har man liksom noe å glede seg til når man blir eldre. Jeg spøker, spis en pai neste lunsj, slikt bør man ikke vente med.

    Ha en fin dag,

  6. Takk for dine snille ord, glad om du liker det jeg skriver. Pannekaker er veldig godt og så kan man ha blåbærsyltetøy på!

    Ha en fin dag,