Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Legacy Of EEHRR.

Hello Internet people!

Many things have been going on and this is one of them.

Last week our retirement home received a "new" guest that was in fact old. It is seldom we use the term old here, but when we use it, it really is regarding something very old. He was very old. We do not know how old or actually much about about him, but this is for later.

We met him first time at dinner, he was brought in and seated at the table between Big gunnar and myself.
Perhaps this was because the caretakers knows Big Gunnar easily starts a conversation with "new" people. "Hello old timer !" Big Gunnar immediately said, and: "What is your name? I am Big Gunnar and this is OMG !" (Big Gunnar calls me this, he says just to pretend being punched in the stomach and the pronunciation will be perfect.) Anyway, the "new" old guy answered very politely: "EEHRR !" followed by dropping dead face down in his soup.

Since it has been a while since I wrote, I should do some introducing.

This is my best friend and expert conversationist Big Gunnar.
And this is soup.
Actually fish soup, we are lucky who can sometimes have such fine food. Nobody knows how much fish is left in the seas.

As you probably know this is a retirement home, so when these things eventually happens it really is not that dramatical. Nobody ate any more soup, but this was mostly due to Big Gunnar and his thoughts about "EEHRR". "He probably looked to healthy and troublesome so the caretakers poisened his soup." The only ones who continued eating at our table was Ellen, because she really likes fishsoup and Rolf, because he can almost not see or hear anything. Big Gunnar said it was sort of sad that we knew so little about "EERHH", other than the fact that he was very polite. "After all he tried to answer me all the way down into the soup. Young people today would probably know everything about anyone in a similar situation. They can just look up on the persons diary face books and such." He continued.  "EEHRR`s generation and our ones are probably the last generations were we actually tell our stories to grandchildren and each other, later generations will sit on their grandparents lap and get a powerpoint introduction on some widescreen flatscreen of all their own postings on the web since they started in kindergarten. While "EERHH" here hopefully left some pictures and a notebook or some family behind with his stories, but we will probably never know."

So I am thinking. Take care of your diary tales on the net, remember that what might seem apropriate at the time writing it, may not be what you want representing you later in life.I believe Big Gunnars thoughts are correct, as always, but there are considerations to changes in how one presents one selves one should be aware of. We knew "EERHH" as a polite gentleman, for us that is sufficient.

Have an informative and great Wednesday everybody !


  1. Nei for en kjekk blogg! Denne skal jeg begynne å følge med på :)
    Jeg såg jo et lite innlegg i bladet streetstyle idag, og tenkte en anderledes blogg ja.. Hehe det vekte min intr.
    Håper du får en fin dag!

  2. Dette er uten tvil den hyggeligste bloggen jeg har lest! :) TUSEN TAKK for at du vil dele hverdagen din med oss!
    Hilsen Ida, en ny fan! :)

  3. For en flott blogg! Det må jeg si, ikke bare bare for en mann i din alder å lære seg nok data til å kunne skrive en blogg. Man kan hvis man vil!

    Veldig gøy å lese om annet ann 15 år gamle jenter som striver om sminke osv. Gøy å lese bloggen din!

    Du virker som en flott mann! Ha en fin dag :-)

  4. så hyggelig med et nytt innlegg, jeg kooser meg når jeg leser. Hils Big Gunnar, liker hatten hans. God helg.

  5. Love love LOVE your blog! My new favorite blog! :)

  6. ...Jeg hadde helt glemt kommentarene, tilgi meg og beklager, skal bli flinkere til å følge dem opp! Kanskje jeg lærer med alderen?
    Samler svar her siden de er blitt litt gamle, som meg.
    Hei til
    Victoria- Tusen takk! så hyggelig skrevet av deg!
    Trois Etoiles-De tre stjerner, du fortjener sikkert fire, tusen takk for de pene ordene!
    Ingunn-Det er nesten som min gamle skrivemaskin, bare at tastene kun henger seg opp etter at Rolf har lånt den og spist fyrstekake samtidig. Skrivemaskinen min hang seg alltid opp, uavhengig av fyrstekake eller om noen som het Rolf var innblandet. Takk for dine snille ord!
    illu-mina-Flott navn, Big Gunnar bruker alltid hatt, vel ikke til bords da, men ellers alltid, han vil bli veldig blid for å høre dette! Ha en fin dag alle sammen!