Friday, October 14, 2011

The Important Nothingness Of Everything.

Hello Internet People Friends!

Let me introduce you to the book.

This book, or rather the picture or drawing of this book is very important. Because this book has no writing in it and this makes it then have the potential to be a book of great importance. Big Gunnar claims it might be the most important book not yet written.

Big Gunnar.
"These books all are important" he claims, "all books are, even the really bad ones, but they have all showed their potential, and it is obviously in the stories not yet told that the importance lays." I of course agreed with him. There is difficult not to agree when Big Gunnar claims the obvious.

Or at least that is where I stood when I decided to take a picture of me. I am not as fast as I used to be when I was young, but hopefully more clever or at least more knowledgeable. Or when I now see the picture maybe not. Anyway, back to the book not written yet.

The maybe most potentially important not yet written book.

Big Gunnar really got the idea this summer. "Old man." He said "Have you thought about all the stories not being told? The important ones. The ones about nothing but that explains everything? The ones already written are already out there, but think of all the ones not written. We should really do something about this. If we focus first on the nothingness of the importance we will surely have time enough, then we can see if we have time for more later !" When my friend knows best is always, it is just that sometimes he knows more the best than other times, and this time was one of those times.

And so we are, that is why I write here more seldom, I still will, but somethings are important, if for no one else, then just for ourselves.

Hope everybody has the best of weekends and maybe discovers the stories not yet told?


  1. It’s always like that! Whenever I have a good idea, someone else gets ahead of me. The planned title of my book was supposed to be: “My life in Paradise”. The book should be my memoirs from the first few years in eternity, and should be issued after my death. Since I am a non believer, the contents of my book would be quite similar to yours.
    Sincerely Captain Propeller

  2. I love your blog. Thats just how it is. Im so sick of these shallow fashionblogs without any soul. Your blog is so refreshing and fun and makes me smile. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hello. I really love your blog. Reflections like this, at your age. It makes me miss my grandfather even more. but in a good way.
    I sign up as a follower. Hope you are well, and soon will post again.

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