Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Rights Of The Round Table ?

Hello one week from Christmas Internet people and especially caretakers at retirement homes !

It is soon Christmas and this often includes being more social for many people, so also at our retirement home. Forgive me for making some jumps in my text to reach what I want to explain. We have several round tables at our home in the dining room.
Here it goes.

I remember when I was very young in kindergarten and at school, the teachers used to seat us next to other kids we did not know, so everybody could get to know each other and nobody would feel lonesome. Then everybody could be like " Hello stranger you want to play with my awesome new firetruck ?!"

This firetruck once was very new.

Anyway, dear caretakers. The need to be seated sort of changes as you get older, when you reach eighty and perhaps eighty-nine and sometimes almost a hundred years old, you really want to spend the social time you have together with people you choose. There are no new firetrucks we can show each other or maybe not a new doll if you are female and we have accumulated enough social skills our selves to see if anyone are lonesome and needs attention or someone to sit together with. So why do you choose to place us at tables and seats we do not want to sit in? I would much rather sit with Big Gunnar and talk with him and my friends than to sit at a table with people I normally do not socialize with. He is my friend here and also the other guys and ladies at other seats at the other tables. Not the ones you put me together with. I am sure both the men and the women here are capable of finding conversation partners on their own. I again got seated at a all women table and they talked about knitting. Suddenly everybody around me where Bubba from company Bubba Gump from famous movie Forrest Gump and all they talked about was the different types of knitting. "You have flat knitting versus circular knitting."" You have felting knitting."" You have needle felting knitting." There are obviously hundred of ways to combine knits and purls from different designs to make a nice and almost everlasting knit, witch of course is great!...if you are interested in knitting.

Bubba Gump company partners.
This of course is a very good movie. They might be talking about shrimps.

 I am sure she really knows a lot about knitting.

I could hear Big Gunnar telling the tale of the first man made object to break the sound barrier and other interesting tales at the other table, while I was stuck listening to the women at my table talk about the final episode of Glamour or something when they finished up talking about knitting. I will start learning a little about knitting so I can join the conversations next time, but I do not think there is time to start watching the TV soaps.

Have great days until Christmas and spend social time with your friends and family, or maybe get some new ones if you prefer! By the way, the first man made object to brake the sound barrier was the whip.


  1. Dear Gilbert,
    Talking of braking the sound barrier and knitting, I think about my captain when I was a young copilot. He learned all about knitting sailing on a whaler on the arctic sea before the WWII. Flying as a bomber captain during the war there was no time to knit. However flying as chief pilot on the large propeller airplanes after the war, he used to borrow knitting work from the stewardesses to kill boring hours during flight. This said, I don’t think he ever broke the sound barrier.
    Captain Propeller

  2. Hei! Jeg kom tilfeldigvis over bloggen din, og jeg ville bare si at jeg synes du er utrolig inspirerende og du virker som en artig type! Jeg er student, men har jobbet deltid på et eldrehjem ved siden av studiene og det er veldig interessant å lese om hvordan en som faktisk bor på et eldresenter opplever dette. Og jeg kjenner meg igjen i mange av de problemstillingene du tar opp. Stå på :) Hilsen Mari