Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Somewhat Senile But Good Intention Conversation.

Hello Christmas Internet People !

We were having lunch here the other day, or we actually have lunch every day but this happened some other day, or actually the same day that we were having lunch that day.
Rolf Rolls had brought rullekake to our lunch and a group of us were sitting together talking about how little snow it is this year. Some were claiming it on global warming, and then someone had read about a snowmen protest against global warming. "That makes sense. They are of course among the first ones to notice the impact of lack of snow." Big Gunnar said.

Snow men protesting.
"Hundreds gathered to protest against global warming." I am sure there are some snow women there also.

"I guess them, the snow women and snow men, are not the only ones really affected by the lack of snow." Rolf Rolls said, he continued: "I am thinking of polar bears and how they will suffer as the amount of snow gets reduced. You know, we can do something, we can adopt a polar bear."

A very adoptable polar bear.

They of course normally live in the wild, in the snow, but this one just looked extra adoptable.

Polar bears, also very adoptable.
They maybe are thinking about joining the snow men`s protest or maybe they are just waiting for more snow. I think they nevertheless still look adoptable also when they are grown up.

"Polar bears are cool." Big Gunnar said.
"No, their body temperature is almost same as ours, 37C." Rolf Rolls said.
"Then they are hot in cool." Big Gunnar said.
"They can swim continuously for 100 km." Rolf Rolls continued.
"I have never tried, but I probably can too. I am an excellent swimmer." Big Gunnar replied.
"They do it in temperatures that can go as low as -37C !" Rolf Rolls almost shouted.
"I remember the winter of 1942 and again in 1966, back then I..." Big Gunnar calmly continued before I offered him some more rullekake. I really do not know what rullekake is in english?

They can be very delicious and made Big Gunnar change his conversation with Rolf Rolls, slightly.

"In the winter of 1966 it was so cold that all cakes was classified as ice cakes. In 1942 they would obviously have been classified the same, but we of course had no cakes that year or maybe some had some made of bark." He happily continued talking while eating rullekake."

There was nothing more I could do to help Rolf Rolls in his conversation but to try to ask Big Gunnar something else. So I asked " Have you got any special plans for Christmas Gunnar?"

"I will build a snow man that can join the protest and adopt a polar bear." Big Gunnar said, then: "And by the way, rullekake is called a swiss roll I think. Maybe there was someone in your family Rolf who baked the first one? Are someone from your family from Switzerland Rolf? I mean your last name and everything."

Rolf could nothing else than to get in a good mood, and we continued our nice lunch.

(Link to adopting a polar bear:

Maybe you can build a protesting snow man or adopt a polar bear? The polar bears are great gifts also!
Have nice and decent day before the day before Christmas!


  1. Dear Gilbert,
    How silly to suggest a polar bear as a Christmas gift. I already have a couple of polar bear models on my living room shelf. Actually, my home shelves are full of all kind silly Christmas gifts accumulating through my life. Instead, being fascinated by you snowwomen and –men, I have come up with the perfect Christmas gift. A protesting snowwoman! The greatness in the idea is the fact that these gifts will melt before spring time, and thereby relieving you of the storage problem.
    Hoo, hoo, hoo from Capt. Propeller

  2. Dear Gilbert
    I also like the idea of protesting snowmen. Polar bears are however completely toxic due to their placement at the top of the food-chain and arctic contamination accumulating in animal fat et.c. Lost cause.
    But where there is a lost cause, there should be a protesting snowman or a million.
    So I will build one if you can handle the snow issue.
    Have a very very happy new year and say hi to your grandson.

  3. Gilbert -

    I'm an American student reading your blog from South Africa. I found it online and I really like the way you write. Good English, too! Keep the stories coming! Happy new year.

  4. Dear Gilbert! I'm a norwegian student from Bergen, and I love your blog. Please write some more entries soon!

  5. Hello Old Man Gilbert(and Big Gunnar)What an interesting blog this is...thanks for your stories, they are most entertaining and thought-provoking! I am in agreement with the protesting snowmen, there has been no snow where I live either which seems strange as we had lots of snow last year...? Also, I just found out that today, 27th February, is International Polar Bear Day.:) I will come back to read more of your blog...thank you and please keep writing.:)